Jan 24, 2008

My 5 Fs for Year 2008

The first month of January is almost over and out from nowhere I came up with a simple mnemonic that will enable me to remember my priorities for this year. My 5 Fs:

1. Faith

After living for 26 years here on Earth, I think this is one important aspect that I have overlooked. And just when I started going back to church before, my faith was tested by the passing away of my Mom. I wouldn't pray and I just felt a great deal of disappointment that God did not answer my prayers with the condition of my Mom at that time. I continued to dwell on this deep "tampo" I was feeling towards the Lord until the time came that I was ready to surrender my life to Him. That time came after my 26th bday last November. Everything felt rightfully plan even the death of my Mom caused so much pain to me but I was ready after almost 3 years. I committed going to Church for the whole month of December and I have never missed one Sunday service since then. It was a big feat for me after going through those "dark" days and now I have never been happier. This is just the beginning...

2. Fitness

3. Finance

4. Future

5. Family & Friends