May 21, 2012

Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna

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For Mom-In-Law (MIL) Mother's Day  and Dad-In-Law (DIL) advance birthday celebration, we treated the folks to a walk to another Ayala project in the south - the posh Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna. We reached the place at around 11 o'clock, except from the expected summer heat, it was perfect since there are still not a lot of people going around and more parking slots.

We parked at the Solenad 1 side which boast the "gigantic" kois in the man-made lagoon. After feeding the fishy-fishy (Fish feeds cost Php 15.00 from the nearby booth). We crossed the bridge by foot to get to Solenad 2 where you can find more restaurants, aircon shops and Robinson's supermarket which gives a Boni High St kinda vibe. The Yaps decided to dine at LZM Restaurant since DIL was missing in action when we first tried their Tagaytay branch last Holy Week.

Daing na bangus, Calamares, Sinigang na baboy

We then waited for the electric shuttle to explore the other parts of the property. Most of the amenities are for free. The drivers are also trained to give the guest a quick tour and brief description on the upcoming developments. Bike rides are also encourage within the vicinity.
Round trip Boat Ride Php30/head minimum 6 pax/trip,
FREE: Electric Shuttle | Playing around the museum | Picture taking at the Electric Scooter | Car Parking

Mas enjoy siguro kung mas malilim so you could walk around freely with less sun and heat. But just the same I thank the Lord for the provision and this bonding moments with the family. Too bad I was not able to capture the architectural designs of the buildings -- love, love the lines and natural lights in the structures.

Me in my Greenhills ensemble,
Mixmi Errand Sling Bag,
Suelas Impresso Flat Shoes and
Black/White Kimono by J.Dela Cruz

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