May 29, 2012

Make a Joyful Noise

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After a year of prayer, humbling and perseverance, gruesome auditionsss (yeap multiple tries) and 10-week music ministry training. I present to you *insert drum roll here* ... my hubby, the latest addition as a drummer to the passionate and excellent Victory Christian Fellowship Musician Volunteers here at the Fort.

All Framed Up!

"I want to share God's goodness in  my life through music and with the talent the Lord has gifted me with. It is giving back to the one who created me", he said when asked for his reason in wanting to be part of the Music Ministry.

Group 5 performs I am Free and More than Amazing

Paolo Valenciano with his groupmates performing first in the Culminating Night

Please partner with us in prayer for provision to buy his very own Electric Drumset. All the honor and glory back to the Lord!

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