May 3, 2009



Early morning yesterday, my seatmates have been bugging me to go to Starbucks since its already pay day. I have a one-frap-only-per-month Rule when it comes to SB. For one its gonna ruin my calorie count and two its gonna ruin my budget.

I tried to resist until lunch but when we passed by the Insular Life branch, I saw the new flavors they have for this summer so finally I gave in to:

A Tall, Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino


SO and I recently saw X-Men: The Origin on video, the leaked version. If you are a fan of the claws, try not to watch it on dvd since the copy they have around are the unfinished ones: you can still see the harness during stunts and the graphics are still not laid out especially during the ending.

Here's my SO doing his Wolverine Kilay Impersonation